Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As I mentioned in my previous post, readers are extremely important to bloggers. But how do readers find these blogs? When I spoke to blog readers, their reasons for reading blogs have been diverse, from the expected "My friend shared this link with me" to the not so surprising "I just stumbled on it" to the most surprising "I didn't realize this was a blog, until so much later" As a reader, put it "When I read Suruchi's blog, I feel  almost as if she is talking about me and my feelings." This idea that somebody can express our thoughts so well, is one way that readers develop a kind of connect with bloggers and so follow their blogs.Another common thing I heard from readers is what I term 'needs-based reading', meaning readers come across these blogs when they are looking for particular things, maybe a recipe, a 'diy' project or how to deal with some issue they are facing. Readers tend to critically weigh these blogs and come back to the ones that gave them the best response to their queries.
Bloggers are well aware of these various reasons and since they obviously want more readers,  they work on writing in a way that invites a reader to read. This is amply demonstrated in the vast number of cooking blogs that have a vignette leading up to the actual recipe. Also, as Roving Eye, has commented on my previous post, bloggers take a lot of steps to make sure their blogs find an audience. They will share their blog links on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking websites, write emails to their friends to tell them about their blogs while also continuing with word of mouth publicity. Blogging is all about the social in a way quite different from other activities...
More ideas, thoughts, questions???????? 

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  1. Yes its true that down the line publicity is needed. Many a times it encourages to write more. Also not only you enjoy sharing your own blog, however blogs of others which you liked.
    Keep :) & hope to see more writing from you. Good Luck.